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It’s hard to imagine that a prescription drug can become addictive, but in the case of codeine, a popularly used opioid drug, addiction seems to be a widespread problem. A large majority of people develop an addiction to this drug mostly because they underestimate the dangers such medications can bring. Others simply fail to believe how something prescribed by a doctor could be anything other than safe for consumption.

Irrespective of all sorts of views regarding its abuse liability, codeine addiction is a real problem in the UK, and it only seems to be increasing with each passing day. If you or a dear one has fallen victim to this type of addiction, you will most likely need professional help to get your life back on track. Enrolling in a codeine rehab program is your best shot at recovery under a highly skilled team of doctors and other professionals.

Almost all codeine addiction treatment programs offered at different UK-based rehabs offer detox, the initial and the most important step for codeine recovery. In these detox centres, a team of addiction specialist doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists work together to create a unique treatment plan and monitor your response to it. Each client is assured to receive bespoke care fit to their personal needs and medical history.

With the right detox technique under 24/7 assistance and support from staff, the following benefits are aimed to be achieved:

To enable clients to think clearly.

Detox can help clients make better and more well-focused decisions, communicate better about their needs and goals, and feel more empowered and in control of themselves.

To spot any coexisting mental health disorders.

These disorders and their symptoms are often masked by the withdrawal and cravings of codeine addiction, making it hard to spot them without detox. Once the process is complete, it gets easier for the care team to understand what’s happening and use the right treatment plan for clients.

To make residential treatment more effective.

People who go through a detailed detox process during the initial phases of treatment are more willing to embrace treatment later on. This also means they are less likely to relapse after the treatment. Even if residential treatment is not in the plan, people who have undertaken detox are generally better prepared for therapy on an outpatient basis as well.

While attempting to remove drugs like codeine from the system through detox physically is a critical first step toward recovery. The therapy offers you an opportunity to work through the underlying cause of addiction and curate healthy lifestyle habits that you may continue to use long after the rehab treatment ends. Each patient that enters the addiction program in the UK rehab has unique life circumstances that the team members consider as they develop their custom treatment plans.

The therapies included in a typical codeine addiction program include a combination of

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • complementary therapies
  • Family therapy

At the residential campus of codeine addiction rehabs, clients are regularly immersed in daily routines specifically planned to help them heal and recover. They are constantly surrounded by peers and supportive staff who understand how it feels to live with addiction and can offer enough support and empathy throughout the course of treatment. Additionally, all clients are fed nourishing yet delicious meals and given access to different fitness programs.

In an inpatient setting, receiving therapeutic care for codeine addiction can help clients focus on their recovery away from the surroundings and lifestyle that contributed to their addiction. At these safe havens, everyone will have an equally supportive environment that helps them heal and allow them to return home feeling capable of living a satisfying and happy life without the need for codeine or any other drug.

In general, the impulses of drug addiction can take time to overcome, and the process can be particularly difficult if there is no foundation and direction for clients. The residential treatment program constitutes only a short phase in the recovery process, so an important aim of this program is to get the client founded on ways to stay sober and clean for years to come. This can be effectively accomplished through the development of daily practices and habits, setting boundaries, and continuing services of therapy and care.

Most centres offering a codeine addiction treatment program adopt a recovery-oriented system. They are based on the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and offer similar fellowships for dealing with drug addictions, such as Narcotics Anonymous. A part of the rehab process in the UK involves creating a foundation for this recovery effort. So when a treatment program is completed, the fellowship and involvement in a supportive community serve as a means for long-term sobriety.

However long you have been addicted to codeine, no matter how serious you believe your issue is, remember that it is never too late to get back on the right path. You might be struggling to picture a bright future for yourself where this drug no longer controls you, but it is entirely possible and achievable.

In a codeine rehab program specially designed with your specific requirements in mind, you can easily learn how to overcome this destructive habit for good. You do not need to continue living your life under the weight of addiction. Help is available all the time, and all you need to do is join a codeine addiction rehab centre UK to get started. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can expect to begin a new, healthy life.

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